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HJ-339 three-level electric tilting lift table (double motor) 63.5CM ~ 128.5CM

Electric height adjustable desk (material/function)

*25mm(piano paint).

2. groove-type table frame
* Make by steel plate of 1.6mm.
* It can storage and collect electronic equipment neatly.

3.leg’s of a table
* Make by 2.3mm steel plate for 50cm ,60cm or 70cm square-tube so that adjustable height stabilize and firmly.

4.Bottom of leg
* Consist of 6mm steel plate and U-shape enhance force.
* It can be high loading, safely and beautifully.
*Make by nylon of glidewheels and adjust feet can move convenient and modify the position.

5. Coating
* Groove-type table frame, leg’s of a table and bottom of leg total weight is 28.5kg.
* By using 200℃ powder coating will be lasting and artistic.

6. electronic equipment
* Use big brands of marketing Europe and the United States for many years. *Two motor for tilt function.
*Stable, safe and high-loading(120kg) .
* The motor system certificate No. CU 7215061001.
*Hand control and show height of number on the screen.
*Have 4 memory function so that more convenient for use.

* Height adjustment:660-1310 mm.
* Quickly match body (Good ergonomic design).
* Top wide size : 1400-2000 mm.

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